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Heart Based Emotional
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“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” -Antoine de Saint-Exupery

What is Heart Based Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional Intelligence or E.Q.(Emotional Quotient), is considered as our Street smart ability: Our capacity to tune in to, manage and direct our feelings in positive, creative and supportive ways to achieve success and happiness.

In 1996 DanialGoleman’s landmark book ‘Emotional Intelligence’ convincingly proposed that our emotions (not our cognitive skills) affect our level of relationship satisfaction, health and happiness and effectiveness in life. “What really matters for success, character, happiness and life long achievements is a definable set of emotional skills - your E.Q. - not just purely cognitive abilities that are measured by conventional I.Q. tests.”

Latest scientific research is demonstrating that when the heart and mind are in harmony we function at our best: we feel peace, perform at our peak, relate better to others and experience optimal health. By gaining access to ‘heart wisdom’ we can acquire valuable solutions that the mind would not consider.

A whole new world...

The most exciting thing about Emotional Intelligence is that it opens a doorway to a whole new world. When we experience our world through our feelings we understand more clearly why we think the way we do, why we act the way we do and why get the results we get. It opens us to more inner peace, love, happiness and gratitude for being alive.

The Five Pillars of Heart Based Emotional Intelligence

Self Awareness: Emotional Literacy

Recognising what we are feeling and understanding the good purpose of our emotion and being able to articulate our thoughts, feelings and wants. Making wise decisions and being in tune with our self and others.

Emotional Management:

Managing our feelings, responding appropriately, self soothing, accepting our self.

Emotional Empowerment: Get what you want

Using emotions to guide and facilitate reaching goals: self motiving, overcoming obstacles, resilience (bounce back after setbacks), peak performance. Taking charge of our life by managing and directing our attitudes and emotions.

Satisfying and fulfilling Personal Relationships

Awareness of other peoples’ feelings, needs, and concerns: Healthy communication: Buildingstrong friendships and relationships: Inspiring, motivating and connecting with those close to us in healthy and caring ways: Inducing cooperation and inspiring the best in others.

Emotionally Intelligent Social and Environmental Relationships

Inspiring, motivating and caring about strangers and the environment. Caring for social and environmental issues

The Price we pay for not developing Emotional Intelligence

  1. Loss of energy – feelings of tiredness and fatigue.
  2. Diminished quality of life.
  3. Low self-esteem.
  4. Loss of inner wisdom and guidance.
  5. Pain, inner turmoil – loss of inner peace.
  6. Relationship breakdowns and diminished capacity for intimacy.
  7. Poor health – disease.
  8. Diminished concentration span.
  9. Physical discomfort and stiffness.
  10. Violence and abuse.

The Benefits of Raising Emotional Intelligence

Inner Peace and Happiness
  • Experience greater inner peace and calmness
  • Resolution of issues that cause stress and anxiety
  • Release of grief and homecoming to peace and love
Energy, Joy and Enthusiasm for Life
  • Open the flow of life force
  • Release of blocks and 'stuckness'
  • Reclaiming of innocence and playfulness
Success Consciousness
  • Greater sense of being in command by mastering emotions
  • Stronger sense of intuitive guidance
  • Freedom from self sabotage and procrastination
  • More clarity, direction and purpose in life
  • Release from restrictive ‘victim’ patterns of behaviour
Greater Self-Love
  • Experience of profound heart opening and love for self
  • Healing of guilt, shame and resentment
  • Fuller connection with and expression of the real self
Self Assertion
  • Confidence to stand up for self
  • Freedom to live the truth of who we are
  • Express feelings more clearly and effectively
  • Transform self-consciousness into self expression
  • Overcome fear and master your anger
Deeper and Stronger Relationships
  • Bring more of yourself into your relationships
  • Development of communication and skills
  • Release of limiting relationship fears
  • Healing wounds and release of fear of intimacy
Enhanced Health and Well-being
  • Gaining of practical skills for better health
  • Decrease in stress related hormones
  • Enhanced immune system functioning
  • Pain management techniques and healing of old pain


If your feeling a lot of anxiety and stress or dissatisfaction, detached, not connected to your loved ones, struggling and suffering from tiredness and low energy, having unsatisfying relationships and not progressing in your life the chances are high that you could be struggling with a lot of unresolved or ‘rogue’ emotions.

You can learn about the power of your emotions, how to experience the emotions you want and how to take control of your feelings and power boost your health, relationships, wealth and happiness. You will also get lots of insights on how you can help to make the world a better place – just by being YOU! – and expressing what’s truly in your heart.


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